2D tutorials online

Ladies, Gentlemen
Please let me ask you suggest me 2D tutorials online.

Hi @Georges,
Plain drawing ‘is’ 2d. I don’t think that you’ll find any particular openGL tutorial on the subject. I’ve spent an awful lot of time of automating the covering of a polygon with triangles, but that’s a somewhat geometric exersice. I’m currently contemplating another big tree of rectangles as a base for a full graphics-user-interface … the crux here is also geomrtry & C++. On the openGL side I only need to be able to draw one rectangle … the rest is rationally placed copies.
One of the basic abillities behind opengl is that it draws triangles faster than the rest of us can throw down beers on a friday afternoon. The 3-point triangle defines uniquely a subset of a surface in space … you can assert for yourself, that 4 points does not, and 2 not at all. As such, you’ll quickly find yourself emerged in 2 or 3d geometry.

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@Dark_Photon just popped a usefull link at OpenGL2.0 software development code for download

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