2D to 3D human face in opengles

I was checking out this cool app called Morfo refer this link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/morfo/id418900007?mt=8 . According to their product description -

Use Morfo to quickly turn a photo of your friend’s face into a talking, dancing, crazy 3D character! Once captured, you can make your friend say anything you want in a silly voice, rock out, wear makeup,sport a pair of huge green cat eyes, suddenly gain 300lbs, and more.

So if you take a normal 2D image of steve jobs & feed it to this app it converts it into a 3D model of that image & the user can interact with it.

My questions are as following -

  1. How are they doing this?
  2. How is this possible in iPad?
  3. Isn’t it computationally intensive to render and convert 2D image into 3D?

Any pointers, links to websites or libraries in objectiveC which do this is very much appreciated.

UPDATE: this demo of this application is here in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjWaJo2-2Xo shows how morfo, uses a template mechanism to do the conversion. i.e. after a 2D image is fed, one needs to set the boundaries of the face, where the eyes are located, size & length of lips. then it goes off to convert it into a 3D model. How is this part done? What frameworks or libraries they might be using?

As Alfonse mentioned on another of your posts, this is the OpenGL forum. The OpenGL ES forums, although not the most frequented site on the internet, is getting more traffic these days :biggrin-new: