2D Tesselation

Hello, I’m looking to try and make a 3 point line Tessellate to a curve. How i had it planned in my head was the 2 points then create another point in between then ( X1 + X2 / 2)( Y1 + Y2 / 2) for X and Y axis locations… but the only problem i can see is Adding the points into the the line. I’ve only been at this for a very short time. I’m on about the end of chapter 2 of The Red Book.
Help would be loved thanks.

You need to emit the vertices in the order they appear when “moving” along the curve. To do that you may need to store them in an array and use the values from there for drawing or perhaps use indexed drawing functions to reorder them. The details vary with what exactly you are doing and there is not enough information in your post for me to tell.