2D Shooter

Please see here: http://www.atlanteq.com/t-zwei/index.html


cool, but post for example in http://www.flipcode.com/iotd/ and you’ll get comments on it.


Lookin’ good. Nice visuals.


in game shoot!!!

Originally posted by jeppa:
[b]in game shoot!!!



4 gr8 just1c !1!

heheh!Yes they are!!!

Originally posted by jeppa:
[b]heheh!Yes they are!!!


sorry to be a pain. This is exactly the type of posting that is getting on the nerves of many people here. This is twice in the advanced forum, twice in the beginners forum and has nothing to do with openGL.

I understand you may be proud of your work, but there are better places to post it than here. This is not a spam forum, but is meant for technical questions and help for advanced openGL topics. Please treat it, and the people that use it with respect.


Seeing that this one is currently at the top of the thread list anyway:

[i][b]Mweeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh harrharrharrharr !!!

Yoooooooo wooot! graglfrnztlkl *** mwaaaaa ***

Oioioioi, nicie screenie babie, oioioioi


Ahem, I second that, Rob

Sorry.But this is not my work.i have only found this game in network.