2D fonts in 3D space.... How?


I tried searching the forum but I couldn’t find much related to this. All I could find was 2D text in 2D space. Outline fonts are 3D but they are very slow… so I guess I need a way to do textured or bitmaped 2D fonts, but in 3D space so that if something is drawn in front of the text, it should hide the text. Can any one help me with this???


2D fonts in 3D works exatly the same as 2D fonts in 2D. All you have to do is add the third coordinate.

I was looking at nehes lesson 13 for bitmapped fonts. He used glRaterpos2f for 2D positioning…So all i need to do is use glRasterpos3f for 3D positioning???


Ahhhh… that was tooo simple, I wonder why I didn’t try it in the first place…

Thanx for your help Bob.