2D Extensions

I’m interested in extensions that could be made to support an interchange format for traditional 2D interactive applications. Most digital applications in my domain space are for interactive TV. These applications run on set-top boxes that have not yet incorporated 3D technology. However, I do expect to see the next 3D game machines from Sony and Microsoft supporting the new emerging standards such as OCAP, DVB-MHP and ACAP.

Are there any plans to provide support for 2D elements? If so, is there a working group being formed to discuss the issues?

COLLADA can describe 2D information now. Elements like <lines> and <polygons> scale in dimensions based upon their <input> elements. The transform elements in the <scene> are 3D however. We do not have any font or text schema for COLLADA yet either.

Our design effort is not focused on digital TV standards at this time although one COLLADA partner is Emdigo Inc. and they are developing user interfaces for embedded devices and require 2D capabilities in the schema.