2D coords

Well, i have got a problem. I would like to know wht 3D coord i have to use to get my console texture fit EXACTLY to the screen.
In DDraw, it would just be a resize fonction from texture res to screen res. But in OpenGL, i don’t know what coords to pass to glCoord3f(…)!

So if someone can help me, plz.

If you’re trying to draw a texture on top of the screen (say, on top of 3D stuff) and want it to fit exactly, then do this.

Draw your 3D stuff. Then, reset the projection matrix to be orthogonal (using something like glOrtho). You’ll have to play with the function to make sure that the dimensions of the glOrtho projection is the same as the size of the screen. But, at that point, just send a 2D texturemapped quad.

Yes but i have got 2 problems, i don’t understand how glOrtho works and i don’t know WHAT 3D COORDS to pass to draw the quad…