2D Collada

For a project I am doing I need to get flat surfaces into Google Earth. What I am doing now is turning 2D data into 3D Collada in C# for Google Earth to understand it. The conversion from 2D to 3D (adding an extra 0.000 for the X or Y components) takes up unnecessary processing time (think 612 * 25 sets of coordinates).
Is it not possible that I only define the Y and Z coordinates and forget all about the X or doesn’t Google understand this? I tried it but doesn’t seem to work. I simply deleted the <param name=“X” type=“float”/> line and adjusted the counts and strides accordingly. Is there parhaps more to it than this?

Cheers - Gj

Collada’s accessors are super flexible but implementers have generally done a poor job supporting them fully. I don’t know whether or not Google Earth supports 2D position input (X and Y, or Y and Z, etc), but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t. You could try filing a bug with them, but your best bet is to just pad the data to make full 3D positions.

Are you saying it takes excessively long? I wouldn’t think it’d be that bad for ~15K vertices.