2D Animation problem

Hi all,

I have to make a 2D animation short film based on a play using opengl.
I have my doubts on how should i begin.

Do i make each frame one at a time in opengl?
this has its problems as opengl is no drawing software.

Or should i use some software to make models first and then animate them in opengl?
Which kind of softwares are good, any names would be help.

Please somebody guide me how should i start my work.

Thanks in advance

You need 2D objects, either images or geometry.

You need to move these around over time.

You need to script these movements.

So, I suggest you start by getting a simple orthographic projection up and loading some images and drawing them onto textured quadsm, with blending and alpha test

PNG is useful because it supports alpha.

Then add transformations to these quads, and possibly a hierarchy.

Then a simple system to script these transformations over time.

The OpenGL part is the ortho porjection, and textures quad animation, that shoudl be straightforward.