>2 textures - 1 pbuffer

before the 61.77 update of NV drivers, i was able to bind RTT to GL_FRONT_LEFT & GL_BACK_LEFT simultaneous, now i find that i cant do that anymore…why??

in any case, i am also wondering if unbinding a texture in an RTT, would literally revoke the storage of that texture??

Suppose if i really unbind it, render, bind & unbind to a 2nd texture to another surface, then come back to rebind the 1st texture without any form of rendering to its RTT, do i get back the texture that was rendered to the first texture in the first place??


  1. When you call wglBindTexImageARB, iBuffer should be one of them. How can you bind both simultaneously?

From the spec

  1. When the color buffer is released from the texture (back to the pbuffer)
    should the contents be preserved?
No, this may prove difficult to implement on some architectures. 
  1. As soon as you unbind, you may or may not lose the contents, depending on the driver.
    It is better to have 2 RTT, each with their own p-buffer