2 questions

1.I need to explain the diffrences between
glprojection a glmodelview…
2. When i use translate or rotate, i move a scene or a camera or it does’t matter?


Hello Midekk,

Can you please expound on the two questions. More information will be needed to answer your questions.

  • VC6-OGL

Of course you are free to use the matrices however you please, but there may be consequences in lighting and fog calculations. I have always taken the projection matrix to characterise intrinsic camera properties(fov, near/far clip distances). I put the the results of glOrtho, glFrustum or gluPerspective in the projection matrix. The modelview matrix represents my camera position and orientation. So, my modelview matrix takes vertices from world to camera space, and the projection matrix takes vertices from camera space to clip coordinates.