2 q about open gl

Where do I find every open gl command because I want to create a program that I can make a succession of images to the finest resolution on time grid for fake videos and for video games everything photoshop can do but having the program display one image after another on a timeline are there commands withheld by the govnt and corporations. Which commands can achieve this can 3ds max do this like making fake movies and anime movies

… I find a lot of what you’ve asked for to be confusing. So let’s start with this. OpenGL’s reference documentation is readily available. So in theory, that answers your first question.

But the rest? Well, OpenGL is a low-level graphics API. There isn’t some simple sequence of commands to do… whatever it is you’re trying to do. I’m not sure what that is exactly. It seems kind of like a video editor or something, but what you’re talking about is kind of confused overall.

That’s not to say that OpenGL can’t do it. But, since it’s a relatively low-level API, it doesn’t have a simple “display image” function. If you want to display an image, you have to load it into GPU memory, then render a quad that fetches color data from that image, then show the result of that operation. None of these are simple “here’s a couple of functions” kind of operations.

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