2 problems, one with GeForce2, another with Win2K

hi, hopefully someone out there can help me

first problem is with GeForce2 (and thinking about it, TNT2 as well), here’s basically what I do

disable blending
set texture env mode to modulate
bind 1st texture
draw a quad using glBegin( GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP ) and glVertex (yes, it’s a crap way of doing things, but I just want the texturing to work!)

enable blending
set blend func to anything, anything
bind texture 2
draw the same quad

so this should give me a nice multipassed quad, right ? oh no…on Voodoo5 it works fine, on GeForce, as soon as I bind the second texture it makes the first pass just render a vertex colored quad. by “as soon as” I mean, even if I don’t draw the quad the second time, just binding the texture causes things to screw up…very bizarre…

my second problem is with Win2K…I can’t seem to get a render context…I do everything the same as I do in Win98, but it just returns NULL when I do the create context call (everything else works up to that point)

here’s the order in which I do things…oh, and it’s windowed just in case that makes a difference…

// I do this to match my OGL render depth to the current desktop depth
EnumDisplaySettings( NULL, ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, &devMode );
HDC hdc = GetDC( hWnd );
choose pixel format
set pixel format
wglCreateContext oh no you don’t

as I said, it all works fine under Win98, but I guess I could be forgetting something that Win2K gets whiny about…

thanks for any help…

Not sure if this’ll help you any, but I’ve always had a DescribePixelFormat in there as well. If I remember correctly, the order I use the pixel format functions in is something like…

thanks, but I’ve had that in for a while during debugging…and everything that comes back from it says OK…

damn Win2K

Come to think of it, I think I had similiar problems under Win2k. When the window displays you just get a transparent area that won’t repaint? A reboot usually fixed that problem for me, though.