1D texture or vertex color?

Im working on a cell shading renderer, and i was curious, What is the performance difference (if any) between multitexturing a 1D and 2D texture togeather OR calling a color call per vertex along with a 2D texture? Is the color modulated to the texture in one pass or two?

My guess is they’d be the same. But try and see! That’s always the best way to be sure.

EDIT: but if you do a 1D texture you will get perspective-correct interpolation, while if you use vertex colors it will probably be affine interpolation.

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All NVIDIA hardware released in the last 4 years has perspective-correct color interpolation.

  • Matt

Matt -

I had some annoying artifacts in color interpolation on my GeForce4 when triangles got clipped to the frustum until I set GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT to GL_NICEST. So I surmised that the video card / driver defaults to affine interpolation, though I guess this could have been a different issue.

I have a hard time believing that story… we quite thoroughly ignore the perspective correction hint on all hardware, and have ignored it as along as I can remember. I suspect you got a placebo effect.

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Maybe the problem only appears in rotating reference frames?

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