1bpp texture

i’ve got a black and white bitmap, 8 pixels fits in one byte. and i want to use this bitmap as a texture, making it transparent when zeroes are and solid where are ones (or vice-versa - 0 solid, 1 transparent)

i just need to know which texture format something could handle it…

is it possible?

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Probably GL_LUMINANCE format is what you need but don’t expect this to be havily optimized. It is very unlikely that 8 texels will be packed into a single byte for various reasons.

BTW, I hope to be in wrong.

GL_LUMNINACE could work only for bytes but not for bits. i checked gl reference and combination of GL_COLOR_INDEX and GL_BITMAP could work well… (but i haven’t tried it)

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Since most nice things you can do in OpenGL are in RGBA, not in color index mode, you should convert the monochrome to grayscale and then use luminance. That’s how I do it, displaying large monochrome bitmaps split into textures.