12 bit Pseudo to 24 bit True


I am currently working on a project that involves the porting of a software from Irix 6.5 to Linux 7.0. This software involves a lot of Image Processing.

This was originally designed for a 12 bit Pseudo display. The image data is stored in a binary file. There are a lot of tranformations performed on this data before it is displayed.

My problems are that, on linux, I do not have the support for a 12 bit Pseudo visual. So I have to use a 24 bit True color visual. I am also using an 8 bit Pseudo visual for Overlays. As expected, the image is not shown on the Image plane (24 bit True), but I am able to get the image related information on the Overlays ( these are certain labels that give information about the image being displayed ).

My questions are:

  1. Since the data is stored for a 12 bit visual, can I use these values directly for a 24 bit visual( I am talking about the Pixel values ).

  2. If I need to change these values, how do I go about doing this. To remind you, these values are stored in a binary file, so any changes to be done, will have to be done in the programs itself.

  3. What are the issues that I need to take care of, while moving from the “Indexed mode” to the “RGB mode”

The environment I am using is :

  • RedHat 7.0
  • Mesa 3.4 (The OpenGL clone for Linux )
  • Matrox G450, 32MB (Display card )
  • 3D-Accelerated X (X-server)

Best Regards,

Sandeep Sundaram

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