1050 on win2k

matt, is it existing yet? the 1050 driver for win2k?

i know you know this. i think it is on the nvidia page to download for registered developpers, but i 'm not one… i dont even try cause my ex-boss dark brood tried to, and he didnt got access, so i dont think i get (now…)

perhaps later

but i’m just interested, cause the 1050 for win9x is dated to 4.2.2001, and i dont think it takes such long time for the win2k version (and i only have win2k and have to “emulate” vertex_program currently in my own code cause it uses it as standart for a new system concept… i’m waiting for it since over a week now… when is someone so nice and give it free to download? )

Yes, it does exist (as does an NT4 version). No, I can’t provide it, for reasons that should be obvious.

  • Matt

i know YOU cant, but there are guys who can (who supported the win9x version), and possibly they can( i know this is not official but i just dont like it that it exists yet for others but for me… ), and i just wanted to know if it exists

thank you


I would like to know what is the 1050 driver and why do you want to get it? What does it provide that is so exceptional?


By the way,

if someone could provide me with the version for NT (I’m interested in stereo buffers support under NT), I’d be very grateful!