1.5 B-REP implementation code?

Dear Colladas,

I wonder whether there is any (preferably OS) code available that implements viewing for the new B-REP parts of 1.5?
Are there any plans of a reference implementation, and if so, which libraries will it be based on? Has anyone given CGAL a try for this purpose?

Thank you in advance

Hello Jakob,

the 1.5 implementation has been tested and validated against OpenCascade. Therefor we developed a bidirectional OpenCascade BREP (their internal format) to COLLADA 1.5 converter. Meanwhile we have been extending support for ACIS, Parasolid, V5 CAA and PRC, too. If there is enough interest we will make the OpenCascade converter publicly available.


Hi Sebastian,

thank you for your quick answer. That’s great news. OCC is a wonderful library (is EMACS a text editor?) which I have been using in other projects. Unfortunately it’s also pretty complex and I occasionally ran into some performance and stability issues (non-graceful treatment of inaccurate data) when using it. So I really had hoped for another alternative. So if by saying “If there is enough interest we will make the OpenCascade converter publicly available” you meant to start a poll: Here’s my vote! I would love to be able to use it (mostly for research and OSS projects).
I wonder what OSS projects like Blender and k3d will come up with when they tackle Collada 1.5

Thanks again, and please let me know any news concerning the release of these implementation(s).

Hi, I’d also be very interested by having the COLLADA Brep Parser, would it already be possible to obtain a copy?

best regards,
Alexandre FROUART

Hello TuxPaulus,

contact me at sebastian@opencollada.org if you require a quote.