1.4 schema release?

Hello everyone,

Any news about the COLLADA 1.4 schema release?
On the roadmap it was planned for November the 4th. Has it been delayed?

I’m hanging around awaiting the 1.4 release (mainly hoping to see the C++ api). I’ve delayed integrating collada into our project awaiting the release and the api and it is rather fustrating not knowing what is happening. If it is delayed it would be nice to told, an estimate of when it will be ready would also be helpful.

Sorry about the delay answering.

I could not log in the forum. The reason is that the security has changed and the cookies needed to be deleted to be able to log again.

So, if you read this message (no need to log in to read) and cannot log in, then please delete your ‘collada’ cookies.

Now, here’s the status on 1.4

The Schema has reached Release Candidate status.
The Schema is frozen, only bug fixes will be accepted at this point.

The COLLADA DOM 1.4 has been created matching the schema.
The Specification is currently in final editing.

All those elements are scheduled to be final on or before Monday 21st.

Now, since COLLADA is now part of the Khronos group, we need to go with the Khronos procedure for releasing COLLADA 1.4.
The procedure involve a 45 days gestation time, where the specification is submitted to the promoters. During those 45 days the specification can be accessed through an early access program, sort of a QA program, where implementations are made, validating the specification.

After those 45 days, the specification is ratified by the promoters, and is publicly released. Yeah !!

So the question is how to get access to the early access program for COLLADA 1.4. I do not know yet the details, and I need to figure this out next week. I’ll post an announcement as soon as I have the information.