1.4 Samples / Source Code / Exporters ?

Is there an ETA for 1.4 Samples & Source Code? And should we be looking for it here or on the Khronos site?

Also, is there an ETA for a non-Alpha build of the 1.4 Maya Exporter?


Hi Don,

About ColladaMaya, have you kept track of the Weekly Development Builds? The current development builds are in very good shape. The next version, Beta, should be pretty stable and very close to the newly release COLLADA 1.4 schema. I’ve been delaying that release, as we are finishing up some last minute upgrades, related to the new schema in the export of ColladaPhysics and the import/export of ColladaFX. On a similar topic, expect a new preview release, by Autodesk, of the COLLADA 1.4 tools for 3dsMax soon.

Please note that we are working hard on a reference viewer and improving/updating the conformance test suite, for Khronos. Until that work is done, we cannot consider the plug-ins as COLLADA 1.4-compliant.


All materials published by Khronos work groups is available from http://khronos.org .

Hmmm… not much information in that response about when the 1.4 Samples and Sources might be available. Am I supposed to “read between the lines” and “ask Khronos”?


I’m thinking it might be good if someone could could copy Remi’s “Announcements” notice of 1.4 Dom availability (posted a few hours after I posted my original question here) to the “Samples and Source Code” forum, (where people are presumably supposed to go if they are looking for things like the source code to the 1.4 Dom). Lilli’s the moderator of that forum, but I’m guessing she’s away as she hasn’t been responding to PM’s, so perhaps someone else could do it?


(and Marcus, now I understand what you were getting at in your comment about Khronos.org… at the time, all they had was a link back to this forum for the 1.3 samples, but the next day they finally posted a link about 1.4 availability)

Posted COLLADA DOM sourceforge link in samples forum as requested.