[-1,1] clip depth mode on Vulkan (glClipControl)

I need a way to tell the hardware to use OpenGL’s clip depth mode [-1,1] instead of D3D’s [0,1], with the condition that it has to allow negative values: I can’t change it from the shader or from matrices.

In other words I’m looking for Vulkan’s glClipControl alternative.

I’ve already investigated VK_EXT_depth_range_unrestricted and VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable, neither of them seem to do what I need.

There isn’t one. And for good reason: OpenGL’s NDC space is objectively bad. There is no advantage reason to use it, and many reasons not to.

Just change your matrices and such to use Vulkan’s depth values and you’ll be fine.

Thanks, this answers my question, sadly it can’t solve my problem. Like I said I can’t change matrices since I have to emulate OpenGL’s NDC as close as possible, I’ve already tried FMA-ing the output z position in-shader and in some nit-picky cases the change in precision made depth tests fail.

I’m emulating Nvidia Maxwell GPUs (Nintendo Switch) and those GPUs can natively use both [-1,1] and [0,1] which means that inevitably some games use D3D’s depth space and others OpenGL’s depth space. I know using [-1,1] is not good, but in this case I don’t have control over it. I’ll try opening an issue requesting to expose this functionality as an extension.

Unless someone wants to continue the discussion, from my end, this thread can be closed.

Is that theoretical, or are there actual games that use the OpenGL NDC space?

This is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s menu. As you can see in gl_Position it’s using a [-1, 1] depth mode:

Edit: This capture is on OpenGL.

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