1.0 ghz amd athlon + GeForce 2MX + gears = mere 400fps?

for some reason when I run gears on this system, with -delay 0 it only runs at 400fp?. I have the drivers installed. please help

what kernel version are you using?
i am jumping to a quick conclusion but, i was having serious performance problems with an athlon with the newest kernel. try doing %cat /proc/mtrr and if the output looks strange i would recomend a very recent patch or a slightly older kernel.

I am using the 2.4 kernel that came with RH7.1

there is a problem with mtrr(memory type range registers) in the 2.4 kernel with redhat 7.1. read your /usr/src/linux/Documentation/mtrr.txt for more info. but you will need to either get latest patch or go back to an older kernel. to confirm your problem do a
%cat /proc/mtrr
on the command line and see if the sizes are legitimate values.

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